Family Portrait Sessions -Vancouver Family Photography

Somewhere along the way, the Fall season has become synonymous with family portrait sessions.

Looking back over the years, some of my favorite images have come from sessions held year round. Each season has it's own beauty and I don't think fall should get all of the attention any more.

January - White Rock Family Photography

Family portraits are a good idea any time of year. The beach in the middle of winter, why not? And if your family especially loves all things snowy and winter, why not choose a spot where you are guaranteed snow like your favorite local mountain?

April - Abbotsford Family Photography

Maybe it's a milestone you're celebrating, don't wait until the fall. Book your session for your special month. Or if the blossoms hold a special place in your heart, make sure you take advantage of the short window. Spring time is so beautiful on the west coast, from Vancouver to the Fraser Valley.

June - White Rock Family Photography

The dreamy light in June is enough to make you swoon! The longer days means that families can often meet after work during the week for dreamy family photos.

August - South Surrey Family Photography

August, the middle of summer in Vancouver. There is something so special about this time of year. There is a relaxed, easy going feeling where schedules are thrown out and kids are in the middle of their growth spurts. It is such a magical time of year that make documenting your family at this time of year so special.

September - Crescent Beach Family Photography

September is straddling the line between Summer and Fall, but for this purpose we'll think about it as the end of summer, before the leaves change colour. September can be a busy time for a lot of families, but if your children are not yet in school and you want to take advantage of the longer evenings, then September may be a perfect choice for you.

Family Portraits are always a good idea - Vancouver Family Photography

Whatever time of year you choose, you can't go wrong. Preserving your family the way they are right now is always a good choice. We work with you to make sure that your session, no matter what time of the year, is a huge success and you have beautiful portraits to fill up your walls.