So you want to see the images form your Vancouver portrait session?

Of course you do! Seeing the photos of your sweet family or newborn after our session together is super exciting!

The first time you will see your gallery is at our ordering session. We will book the appointment immediately after your session usually for the following week. You will have the option of having an in home viewing appointment, or a virtual zoom viewing appointment.

What Happens to your photos after your session? - Vancouver Portrait photographer

Once our session is finished, I take all of the images and download them to my computer and back them up right away! Then I bring them in to my editing software. I cull through all of the images keeping the best images from the session. From there I will make minor adjustments, like crop, exposure and minor background adjustment as needed.

I will usually fully edit one or two so you will be able to imagine the final product at your ordering session, but the majority of the images you see in your gallery are soft proofed.

Soft proofing your gallery verses editing all of the images saves time and allows us to meet together and see the images sooner. I hand edit all of the final images so this would be very time consuming and would delay your ordering session potentially by weeks, and no one wants that!

An example of a soft proofed image and the final image

Ordering Appointment - Vancouver Portrait Photographer

Whether you choose an online ordering appointment or an in home session, it is so exciting to finally see your gallery. This is my favorite time because finally all of our hard work and planning is brought to life and it really is so heart warming to see your sweet baby so beautifully captured.