Sleepy newborn portraits - Vancouver Newborn Photography

Have you booked your session and are worried that your baby might be fussy and not sleep?

It's easy to say don't worry, but we have you covered. No matter what happens through your session, you will have beautiful images that are going to mean the world to you. We have some tricks up our sleeve that we'll pull out, even for the most wide awake babies. Scroll down to read out 5 top tips and hopefully they will put your mind at ease.

peaceful sleeping newborn wrapped in cream blankets and bonnet.

Feed your baby - Vancouver Newborn Photography

The first thing we will do before we get started is make sure your baby is fed. Whether it's bottle or breast, before we start the session you can feed your little one so they are nice and full. A full baby leads to a sleepy baby!

Warm it up - Vancouver Newborn Photography

A warm environment will contribute to your baby getting into a nice deep sleep. If you come to my Surrey newborn studio, I will have the space all warmed up and ready to go. If you are having an in home session, I will bring my heater with me as part of my Vancouver area mobile studio and one of the first things I'll do is get it going so it's nice and toasty when we are ready to start.

Pacifier - Vancouver Newborn Photography

Not all babies take to a pacifier, and of course not all parents want to introduce it to their babies. But whenever possible for your newborn session, we like to have one on hand since it has great potential to help settle your little one into those cozy positions.

White Noise - Vancouver Newborn Photography

The womb is a noisy place, so a little white noise during the session goes a long way in comfort your baby and sending them in to a deep sleep.

Exercise - Vancouver Newborn Photography

For some babies, after they eat they need a little stimulation before they are ready for some zzz's. For these wide awake party animals, getting them in position and then allowing them time to stretch and kick and coo helps to tire them out. Sometimes parents favorite images come from these calm awake moments when baby is wide eyed and alert. And then when they are sufficiently tired out, they can fall into a beautiful deep sleep and capture your precious sleeping angel.

Newborn sleeping with her head resting on her folded arms with pearl headband. Vancouver Newborn photos

Hopefully, these tips will put you at ease and help you to relax going into the session, because a relaxed parents lead to a relaxed baby! We are going to have a great time at your session and no matter what and we will following the leading of your little one to create beautiful images you will fall in love with.