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This is a question that usually comes up at some point, either during our initial phone conversation or during our consultation.

And it makes sense, digital images are super important in today's world. And be assured that you will get a digital copy of each image you purchase. So why does the studio put such a high priority on printed images?

Mom kissing her baby girl on the cheek outdoors. Vancouver family photos

Printed images - Vancouver Portrait Studio

It's a feeling.

There is a special feeling seeing your portraits in print and it's something that we want to give to each of our clients. And studies back this up. When children see themselves in photographs, they develop a sense of belonging. They see themselves as part of something bigger, a family unit where they belong.

Do images viewed digitally have the same impact? Studies show that when kids see themselves in portraits displayed in their physical space, it creates a stronger impression and sense of belonging and confidence.

A Piece Of History - Vancouver Portrait Studio

As a child I loved flipping through old pictures. My Nana's old pictures in particular. She had beautiful portraits taken when she was a young woman, as a bride and as a young mother. It was so special to connect to a piece of her through a physical print.

How do you want your grown children and grandchildren to connect to you?

Digital images are great way to share images quickly and serve as a great back up, but a printed portrait is the best way to provide a tangible connection from our generation to the ones to come.

baby girl lying on her tummy out doors. Close up headshot while she looks at the camera with half smile Vancouver Family

I Can Make My Own Prints - Vancouver Portrait Studio

All images larger than a 8x10" are printed through our Vancouver Studio. We make sure that the images are prepared properly for enlargement so the quality and color control are maintained and you get the best print possible whether you choose a canvas, print or album. We want to make sure that the products you purchase will be able to be handed down to your children and grandchildren.

As was mentioned before, you do receive digital copies of each of the images purchased and they come with a license to print on your own up to 8x10".

We recognize that in this digital world where images are easily shared, we may find ourselves feeling that digitals have less value than the prints themselves. In reality, the opposite it true.

While the quality of the prints you purchase through our Vancouver portrait studio are second to none, once you are in possession of the the digital file you essentially hold the master key. You have the ability to easily share with anyone by means of text, email and social media and you have the ability to make unlimited copies for yourself, family and friends. For that reason, digital images really are the most valuable item offered and all of our pricing is based on the value of the digital image.