Atticus - South Surrey Newborn Photographer

Meet the Prosser’s.

I totally, absolutely fell in love with this family.

These kids were super stars! Each one was as sweet as can be and each of the big kids were so in love with their little brother.

I mean, look at the way this little guy looks at his baby brother! 

The road to get here with this little guy was long and filled with heart ache. Seeing him here now, being so well loved is such a sweet reward to this family.  

He’s just such a beautiful little man. I am so beyond happy that I got to cross paths with this little one. I can’t wait to see him grow and change and thrive with all the love that is being poured on him. 

Thank you for inviting me into your home, Jade! 

Aria - Langley Newborn Photographer

Have you ever wondered what a newborn lifestyle session looks like from beginning to end?

Well each session is as different as each family. These sessions take on a life of their own which is what make them so special. 

Before arriving at a clients home, I have a loose plan carved out in my mind. Because I talk to the family before the session to find out what images are important to them, I can create a shot list in my head. I set goals for the session but the most important thing I can do is to follow the lead of the baby and mom and go with the flow.

For example, during Aria’s session when I arrived the morning, mom and dad were relaxing and enjoying some downtime. 

I started the session with Nathan and Aria. Word is that Nathan is always relaxing at home in his robe, so no doubt this will be a familiar scene to Aria as she grows up! 

After that, Emily Fed and cuddled Aria in preparation for family portraits, and I could not resist the view through the nursery door! 

We found a sweet little pocket of light in the master bedroom for family portraits. This created some beautiful, intimate and relaxed images. 

And just like that, Dad was off to work for the day while Emily, Aria and I got to hang out a little longer!

After a little more cuddling and feeding, it was time for baby portraits. 

Once Aria was settled it took just a few moments to capture some beautiful shots. Once the shutter was released on the last image here, Aria told us in no uncertain terms that she had had enough! (Looking at that sweet fact though, you would never know!)

At this point I would normally to change up the setting for more images of the baby on her own and then move on to mother and baby portraits. This time Emily and I decided to call it a day and I would return in a few days to finish up the session. Sometimes these things happen, and we have to listen the needs of mom and baby!  

So that’s just what we did. When I returned, Aria was as sweet as can be, happy and sleepy. 

We were able to get some beautiful shots with a special blanket which was a gift from Aria’s grandmother. 

And of course, some beautiful mother and baby portraits. 

So, some times (more like all the time) that loose plan in my mind takes a bit of a left turn, but that truly is the beauty of newborn lifestyle sessions. A special milestone in your life uniquely captured. 

Kaelyn - Langley Newborn Photographer

I am so lucky.  Seriously, every time I get invited into someone’s home to photograph their family I have to pinch myself. 

And from the moment I walked into their home, I completely fell in love with this family. The way everyone fell into place and worked and moved together was so touching. 

There was one moment when Kaelyn got a little bit fussy (oh my heart, look at that face <3). Dad jumped right in knowing just what to do and mom was so relaxed letting dad do his thing. And I was completely won over! 

It makes me happy to look at these images, knowing the love that they represent. 

I am more than confidant that this little sweetheart will grow up knowing how much she is loved and treasured. I am so happy to have been able to capture just a moment of that love in her life. 

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